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5 Small Business SEO Techniques You Should Apply Now

Small business SEO techniques

Have you developed and launched your new business website? If so, it clearly means you have a product or service to sell. Once you have online presence, your products will start to get sold and you will get rich overnight. Wrong! You need to apply some small business SEO techniques to get truly started.

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Writing Blogs: 10 Key Elements Of An Engaging Blog

A guide to writing blogs

In this digital age, information is key, to be more precise, accurate timely information. A lot of people have turned to writing blogs to provide information on a subject they are passionate or knowledgeable about. A study of the most engaging blogs online today distilled 10 key elements which are the focus of this article.

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Online Video Marketing For Non-Profit Organisations

Nonprofit Video Marketing Guide

The ability to market universally through the power of online video marketing is still something that is underused within the non-profit sector.

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4 European Startup Success Stories

Startup success stories

The common thread is these startup success stories is that they roots based in Europe and their products/services solve a problem.  They vary in range from just incubating their startup egg to a fully cooked business that has been around the business blocks for years.

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Top Online Reputation Management Tips For Small Businesses

Online Reputation Management

The term ‘online reputation management’ is an alien one to a large number of small businesses. This is quite surprising because of the implications failing to manage the online conversation about your business may have on sales and potentially the survival of the business in some extreme cases.

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Social Story – Giving To Others

Social story

All to often you’re told that giving to others is the best way to conduct your life. On the contrary, giving to yourself is as if not far more important in my opinion. Being one, who’s prime aim is to give to those around me, I often forget and/or feel guilty for paying attention to […]

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