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Social Story – Giving To Others

Social story

All to often you’re told that giving to others is the best way to conduct your life. On the contrary, giving to yourself is as if not far more important in my opinion. Being one, who’s prime aim is to give to those around me, I often forget and/or feel guilty for paying attention to me first. So, here my social story about giving.

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Why Your Business Needs A Date Night – the one practice that changes everything

Business date night

Think of it as a weekly business meeting with sex appeal. Your business needs it!

While providing marriage counselling and business consulting for the past 25 years, I’ve noticed a common thread that runs through both that produces lasting success and fulfilment. The same has held true for MY marriage and business endeavors. Put this one practice into place and watch your business (and love life) become healthy and flourish.

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Sales Key Performance Indicators You Absolutely Need (Sales KPI Part 2)

Sales KPI

Welcome to the second instalment of the Sales KPI articles, sorry for the long wait, but let’s get into the nitty gritty so we can understand just how beneficial good sales KPIs can be. This time around we’re only focusing a small number of Sales KPIs and you’ll notice they carry with them a specific […]

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How To Get Fans And Readers To Share Your Content

Social sharing

Blogging is a very powerful way of creating buzz about your brand, business and products. However, what is more powerful is getting everyone who comes in contact with your content to share it with their own communities. Content sharing is a great way to create authority for your business.

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You Have 4 Seconds To Make Impact On Your Business

The sales process using emotions

You have 4 seconds to make impact on your business. Now that’s a difficult business proposition, right?. So whether you’re on the phone, face to face or any other media, this video briefs you on how to make business impact. This video on business impact has been produced exclusively for Business Banter.

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Crowdfunding Startups – Getting A Project Or An Idea Funded

Crowdfunding a startup project

Crowdfunding has been validated as a way to raise funds, build a buzz and test the idea for a project in the pre-production phase. Many entrepreneurs and business savvy creatives are crowdfunding startups to bring their project to life and successfully launch themselves into their respective market. If you think crowdfunding could be a good […]

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