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Sales Strategy: 3 Points To Avoid In Sales [Video]

Sales strategy in business

Every business has a sales strategy that works for them. These strategies differ in terms of repetition, communication and time scale, however, the similarities in a sales strategy for business have 3 elements in common and should avoid these in sales. They are…

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Top 10 Cash Flow Tips For A Successful Startup

Startup cash flow idea

When it comes to starting up a new business of any sort, it would be difficult to overstate or overestimate the importance of keeping a close eye on your startup cash flow.

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Don’t Let The Social Media Bug Bite Your Reputation

Social media reputation management bug

For start-ups and SME’s, social media offers an ideal platform to market what you do and spread the word through networking, building contacts and harbouring a reputation for your company. It’s all about your social media reputation management and how others will perceive you over time.

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[Podcast] 7 Ways To Amplify Your Content Using Social Media Marketing

Business and Marketing Podcast Series

Content and social media marketing being such a huge part of our daily business strategy, it’s no wonder you want to amplify your content so that your voice gets heard over all the social noise. There are tried and tested ways of doing exactly that and in this podcast, I demystify 7 simple ways that you can implement […]

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Step 3 To A Better Business – Leverage

business coaching tips

The articles outlines the Step 3 to a better business that will work without you. Imagine you calling the most senior person in your business and telling them you are going away for 3 months and will not be contactable. What business will you come back to? Learn from this business coaching.

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20 Popular Articles That Rocked In 2014

User Experience

The team at BusinessBanter.com has been working hard over the last 12 months to give you some great content to learn and grow your business and brand effectively. Not only have the articles been helpful to all our readers, but have also helped the BusinessBanter.com team develop relationships beyond our expectations by producing regular content.

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