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10 Crowdfunding Platforms You Should Know About

Crowdfunder a powerful crowd funding platform for entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding is booming into a billion dollar industry and as the industry grows, so does the number of crowdfunding platforms available. Choosing the right platform for your project is the first step to conducting a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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How To Promote Your Business Using The Power Of YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing for business

When you use social network YouTube to promote your product or service, you have the opportunity to reach literally millions of people without spending much from your marketing budget. In this article, I want to show you some top tips on how you can use YouTube marketing to help grow your business.

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Social Media For Business in 2014 And Beyond

Social media for business in 2014

Leveraging social media for business is no novel concept but with an ever-growing digital landscape and the emergence of new platforms, social media marketing has not only cemented its position as THE key marketing strategy around – but enhanced it.

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Leadership? It’s All In The Style

Leadership style

Much has been written about ‘leadership style’ over a great many years and I have contributed my own thoughts on the subject through articles and speeches many times. Adaptability is certainly the greatest ability that a leader needs to be successful and I saw a great tweet the other day from one of my own […]

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Make Your Prospecting More Efficient with Anti-Scripts

Efficient prospecting for business

Prospecting is one of the hardest part of running a business. You spend time scoping out customers and clients in hopes to uncover a way you can help them, then you reach out to them with a cold email, like this one:

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A Great Way To Build Traffic Fast For A Startup Website

Startup website traffic

Whether you have an online startup website or an offline startup business with a website, to build traffic fast you will need to market the new website to attract visitors. An easy option would be to pay for traffic using banner adverts, sponsored links, pay per click advertising and even press releases.

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