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Crowdfunding Startups – Getting A Project Or An Idea Funded

Crowdfunding a startup project

Crowdfunding has been validated as a way to raise funds, build a buzz and test the idea for a project in the pre-production phase. Many entrepreneurs and business savvy creatives are crowdfunding startups to bring their project to life and successfully launch themselves into their respective market. If you think crowdfunding could be a good fit for you, here are the basic steps of the process of crowdfunding for your project.

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Do It or Lose It – Momentum In Business Networking

Business networking with business people

One of my customers told me a story about a fascinating person he met a year and a half ago at a business networking event. They had a nice chat, laughed a little and exchanged business cards.

Recently my customer was looking desperately for a connection to a certain industry and this old acquaintance came to his mind as someone who can help!

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Step One To A Better Business – Financial Mastery

Better business coach - Financial Mastery

Following on from my last article on, this one will talk about Financial Mastery. Imagine you calling the most senior person in your business and telling them you are going away for 3 months and will not be contactable. What business will you come back to?

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Where To Find Unique Content To Share When Stuck For Ideas

Where to find great content to share when stuck for ideas

The thrill of finding new things that make me excited is exciting. Similarly, when I find great content to share I feel good for the thought of being responsible to share it. To enable others to discover, read and share it too.This comes to mind. I cycle a lot, but tend to ride the same […]

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What Is The Most Important Part of Your Copy?

Copywriting Tips for all media

Every word. This should be No.1 in the copywriting tips 101. Yes, every word has its purpose and lends to (or takes away from) the story you’re trying to tell. And each of them? Should lead to the next. Your copy should beg the reader to follow it down the page with the earnest with […]

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Video Marketing for Financial And Legal Sectors

Video marketing

Are businesses within the finance and legal sector really making the most video marketing and other online marketing? ​Industries such as Financial and Legal have traditionally driven their business using face-to-face relationship building, networking and word of mouth. Now, more and more businesses are taking advantage ​of online video production and video marketing for building relationships and exploring new business opportunities.

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