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Sales Cycle: 3 Advanced Methods For Asking Follow Up Questions

Sales cycle questions

Going through the sales cycle successfully is all down to you understanding your customer which can really only be done by asking plenty of questions and have the right follow up questions ready to go.

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How To Handle A Client With Excessive Expectations Through Business Coaching

Business coaching

Project managers and freelancers around the world can all agree that one of the most dreaded aspects of this type of work is dealing with clients engaging in scope creep. Acquiring the right business coaching can help you through this better.

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Small Business Advice: How to Turn Around a Business in Trouble

Small business advice for troubled companies

Small businesses face a wide and varied array of pressures at any given moment and need to often consider receiving small business advice. Any sector of operations is likely to involve lively competition and maintaining sustainable growth can be extremely challenging.

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The Biggest Lie Taught in Creative Writing

Copywriting - Creative writing

The avatar is the biggest joke in copywriting. And you’ve probably fallen patsy to it. We all have at some point. We’re taught when we start creative writing copy for our businesses that the “avatar” is a must-have. If you don’t know WHO you’re writing to, how can you write to them?

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How To Refer People To Others Without Losing Your Business Network Friends

Business network with friends

I want to tell you a story about an old high school friend of mine. We weren’t in touch much through the years, but I knew she was studying to be an interior designer. And so, the business networking story begins…

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Build Your Brand, Self-Publish A Book, Use A CrowdFunding Platform

Crowdfunding platform

Writing and publishing a book is a way to strengthen your brand, no matter what industry you’re in especially when created with the help of a crowdfunding platform. If you’re an industry leader or entrepreneur, publishing a book can help to build your credibility and provide your audience with more value.

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