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Problem faced by most businesses

The problem most businesses and entrepreneurs face is that they are focused on working "in" their business. They sometimes fail to see that by working "on" their business, they could build a better business. We understand that they don't have the resource to employ full-time marketing departments, and so, the tools we provide will enable them to learn step by step marketing processes to build bigger and more profitable businesses.
Shameer Shah
Shameer Shah
Founder -

Learning tools we provide

There are four types of learning tools - The Blog, Podcasts, eBooks and Learning Modules. We encourage all our customers to learn at their own pace in their own medium.

The Blog

We publish posts on a variety of topics from marketing to growth hacks, daily business inspiration to business culture and healthy habits. Subscribe to the blog now!

The eBooks

Our ebooks deliver knowledgeable content on the most asked about topics. They are written and designed in a simple format to be consumed on any device and at any time.

The Podcast

Listening to the business podcast is an easy way to consume information. Simply press play and listen away or download the podcast for playing back later on any device.

Learning Modules

People like to work and learn at a variable pace and so, the learning modules are built for step by step learning with actionable objectives and a hands-on approach.

Why we empower you with these learning tools?

Focus on what really matters - Your Business. If you're looking to make a quick buck move on. If you're looking to grow your business through a productive and richer life then read on.

Grow Your Business

Whether a startup, entrepreneur or established business you will get motivation, inspiration and skills to build and grow your business.

Gain Influence

Learn to get a wide range of targeted people and potential customers to trust and respect you and your product or service.

Build A Network

Expand and grow your network both offline and online. The best way to increase revenue is through your network's, greater network.

Learn Marketing Skills

Whether you're a marketing novice or an expert, there are always golden nuggets of tried and tested success recipes to take away.

Boost Your Sales

Isn't this the bottom line? Learn to provide quality and valuable information in order to become visible, credible and profitable.

Live An Inspired Life

Find the perfect work-life balance to live a successful existence in both your business life and personal life. Harmony = Success!

Business Banter gave us expert advice and excellent creative ideas for our marketing campaign. A superb blog with tons of ideas with timely delivery of content. If we had any questions, an answer was always provided in a timely manner! Great service.
Sanjeev Bakrania
Sanjeev Bakrania
Company Director, Safran - UK

Our Growing List of Knowledge Seekers

Growing list of customers
The founder, Shameer Shah, is full of top tips and always willing to share. Business Banter is full of great content who give up to date and in tune blogs and learning modules on business / life related matters for small and big businesses alike. To this end, I will always refer Business Banter if and when possible in the knowledge anyone using the service will also be happy.
Neil Giller
Neil Giller
Entrepreneur - Mailing + Door to Door - Marketing via Many Mediums
Business Banter is cutting edge for the number 1 advice in how to stay ahead in the market. Offering all the best advice tips and information to keep you well informed in the world of business.
Edward Smith
Edward Smith
Entrepreneur | NLP Trainer | International Speaker In Business & Psychology

Most Popular - Success Guide To Linkedin eBook

Give it a try, you will learn a lot.

Strengthen your Linkedin skills

The arrival of LinkedIn on the Social Media landscape introduced many possibilities. Linkedin is a power horse for the business world. In this book, you will learn about creating the best profile possible to gain the attention you need.

Invest in Linkedin the right way

This guide will teach you how to make the time and effort you spend on LinkedIn, an investment. Grow your business network and ultimately, you will build a bigger and better business.

We Listen to our Customers. You are our Lifeblood.

With more than 15 years in business with various startups and projects, we have learnt a lot along the way. However, we still learn everyday from customer feedback.

The Business Banter website is the result of many years of experience as business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers. We are fortunate enough to have worked with so many amazing customers who are in the startup arena, entrepreneurial individuals and established businesses who are seeking more empowerment through learning.

Justine SchofieldI've really enjoyed being a part of the vibrant community Shameer has built at Business Banter. I gain a lot of attention and feedback from my own posts and always enjoy the valuable content that is provided. Working with Business Banter is a pleasure!
Justine Schofield
Development Director - Pubslush (Crowdfunding)

Awesome Customer Service. Nothing Less.

Business Banter offers products that come with customer support to match. Whether you have a question, a concern or need assistance, we always treat you like a valued customer.

You Can Help Us

Help us to help you better. We rely on your feedback and therefore if you have any feedback, thoughts and suggestions then please contact us via our contact page. Thank you.

Support by industry experts

The exact same people that wrote and developed the ebooks and training programs provide the customer service. Get access to premium support by trained professionals.

Live Chat

Have a chat with our customer support anytime you want. We are here to help and only one click away. Usually available on weekdays through our website.

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